“50 Action Stars Then and Now ⭐ Real Name and Age”

“50 Action Stars Then and Now ⭐ Real Name and Age”

“50 Action Stars Then and Now ⭐ Real Name and Age”

Hey! Your age is nothing a number that decorates your life. This is what many celebrities and stars who look great for their age think. Everyone gets older, and while most celebrities don’t like to admit it,they are not immune to aging. Now we take a look at 50 action stars around the world then and now. We hope you enjoy this video. And do not forget to subscribe to the channel. And activate the notification bell to receive all now in our channel. Let’s go.

Sylvester Stallone Full Name: Sylvester Enzio Stallone Born: July 6, 1946 Age: 76.Arnold Schwarzenegger Full Name: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger Born: July 30, 1947 Age: 75.Jean-Claude Van Damme Full Name: Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg Born: October 18, 1960 Age: 6.Brad Pitt Full Name: William Bradley Pitt Born: December 18th, 1962 Age: 57. Angelina Jolie Full Name: Angelina Jolie Voight Born: June 4th, 1975 Age: 48.

Dolph Lundgren Full Name: Hans Lundgren Born: November 3, 1957 Age: 65. Jackie Chan Full Name: Chan Kong-sang Born: April 7, 1954 Age: 68. Sandra Bullock Full Name: Sandra Annette Bullock Born: July 26, 19644 Age: 57. Johnny Depp Full Name: John Christopher Depp II Born: June 9th, 1963 Age: 58 . Tom Cruise Full Name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV Born: July 3rd, 1962 Age: 59. Kate Elizabeth Winslet Full Name: Kate Winslet Born: Oct 5th, 1975 Age: 45.

Samuel Leroy Jackson Full Name: Samuel Jackson Born: December 21st, 1948 Age: 72. Linda Hamilton Full Name: Linda Carrol Hamilton Born: September 26th, 1956 Age: 64. Leonardo DiCaprio Full Name: Leonardo Wilhelmn DiCaprio Born: November 11th, 1974 Age: 46. Wesley Snipes Full Name: Wesley Trent Snipes Born: July 31st, 1962 Age: 59. Bruce Willis Full Name: Walter Bruce Willis Born: March 19th, 1955 Age: 66. Robert De Niro Full Name: Robert Anthony De Niro Jr Born: August 17th, 1943 Age: 77.

Jason Statham Full Name: Jason Statham Born: July 26th, 1967 Age: 54. Rosalie MacDowell Full Name: Rosalie Anderson MacDowell Born: April 21st, 1958 Age: 63. Antonio Banderas Full Name: Jose Antonio Banderas Born: August 10th, 1960 Age: 60. Chuck Norris Full Name: Carlos Chuck Norris Born: March 10th, 1940 Age: 81. Daniel Craig Full Name: Daniel Wrought Craig Born: March 2nd, 1968 Age: 53. Harrison Ford Full Name: Harrison J. Ford Born: July 13th, 1942 Age: 79. Lydia Mironova Full Name: Llliana Lydia Mironova Born: July 26th, 1945 Age: 76. Hugh Michael Jackman Full Name: Hugh Jackman Born: October 12th, 1968 Age: 52. Kurt Russell Full Name: Kurt Vogel Russell Born: March 17th, 1951 Age: 70.

William John Neeson Full Name: William Neeson Born: June 7th, 1952 Age: 69. Chou Jun-fa Full Name: Chou Jun-fa Born: May 18th, 1955 Age: 66. Julie Anne Smith Full Name: Julie Anne Smith Born: December 3rd 1960 Age: 60. Mark Dacascos Full Name: Mark Alan Dacascos Born: February 26th, 1964 Age: 57. Thomas Mark Harmon Full Name: Thomas Mark Harmon Born: September 2nd, 1951 Age: 69. Milla Jovoich Full Name: Milla Bogdanova Jovoich Born: December 17th, 1975 Age: 45. Nicolas Cage Full Name: Nicolas Kim Coppola Born: January 7th, 1964 Age: 57. Pierce Brosan Full Name: Pierce Brendan Brosan Born: May 16th, 1953 Age: 68. Michele Yeoh Full Name: Michele Yeoh Choo-kheng Born: August 6th, 1962 Age: 58. Robert Patrick Full Name: Robert Hammond Patrick Born: November 5th, 1958 Age: 62. Sam Elliot Full Name: Samuel Pack Elliot Born: August 9th, 1944 Age: 76.

Clint Eastwood Full Name: Clint Eastwood Jr. Born: May 31st, 1930 Age: 91. Danny Trejo Full Name: Danny Trejo Born: May 16th, 1944 Age: 77. Anthony Roberts Full Name: Eric Anthony Roberts Born: April 18th, 1956 Age: 65. John Travolta Full Name: John Joseph Travolta Born: February 18th, 1954 Age: 67. Steven Seagal Full Name: Steven Frederic Seagal Born: April 10th, 1952 Age: 69. Scott Glenn Full Name: Theodre Scott Glenn Born: January 26th, 1939 Age: 82. Tom Selleck Full Name: Thomas William Selleck Born: January 29th, 1945 Age: 76. Patrick Stewart Full Name: Patrick Stewart Born: July 13th, 1940 Age: 81

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