An expected three-way deal between Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona

An expected three-way deal between Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona

The Catalan newspaper Sport said that Polish striker Robert Lewandowski wants to end his trip with Bayern Munich one year before the expiration of his contract with the Bavarian team and wants to take on a new challenge.

Bayern Munich’s first response was to declare the veteran striker unsellable, but within the German club entity, they understand that if Lewandowski wants to leave, they are morally obligated to open the exit door after the high performance he gave in his eight seasons at Allianz Arena, where he scored 343 goals. In 372 matches.


Barcelona is the team closest to contracting with Lewandowski, according to the same newspaper, which confirmed that Matteo Alemani, the sporting director of the Blaugrana, met with Benny Zahavi, the agent of the Polish striker, to discuss the details of the deal.

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For its part, the German press confirmed that Bayern is looking for a replacement for Lewandowski and the names of possible alternatives began to appear. The striker who occupies the first place in the list of the sports management of Munich club is the French Sebastien Haller, who scored 33 goals this season in 39 games with Ajax.

But he is not the only player the Bavarian club has on his agenda. And one of those whose name has been loudly heard is Luka Jovic! The Serbian striker maintains a good reputation in the Bundesliga, despite his near-pariah status at Real Madrid, having scored just three goals in just 49 appearances in his three seasons at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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Jovic is clear that he will not succeed at Real Madrid and would welcome his departure this summer. Milan and Inter in the Italian league, and Arsenal and Everton in the English Premier League, care about his situation, but the Serbian striker prefers to return to the Bundesliga, where he achieved the qualitative move that led him to Real Madrid.

For his part, Real Madrid will undoubtedly agree to sell Jovic, who is at the top of the list of candidates to leave in the summer, for the highest price to make up for part of the investment the club made in him when he signed him for 63 million euros in 2019.


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