Barcelona dressing room reactions about Real Madrid comeback against Man City: “abnormal phenomenon”

Barcelona dressing room reactions about Real Madrid comeback against Man City: “abnormal phenomenon”

“It has become as if an abnormal phenomenon is happening,” this is the reaction of some Barcelona players, when they met on Thursday in the dressing room before the start of the morning session, when commenting on the match between Real Madrid and Manchester City. Some of them even went a little further and spoke directly about magic: “It’s so weird that it looks like black magic.”

And everyone in the locker room agreed to stress that it’s not a one-time event you could attribute to luck, but that it’s already been repeated in three consecutive Champions League innings, making it very clear that the white team’s resilience is starting to get supernatural pigments.

In addition, more than one highlighted that the comeback against City arose without the presence of the three mainstays in midfield – Casemiro, Kroos and Modric – leaving doubts for all the analysts who claimed that this trio is always necessary in the team’s victories. In fact, Madrid ended up playing the entire second half of extra time without Benzema.
“This is no longer luck, it is something else,” assumed one of Barcelona’s heavyweights, who underlined the competitive spirit of Real Madrid, who is able to plunge into the depths of a well for 89 minutes to come out pushed by two goals in two minutes.

Some were also surprised by the change made by Pep Guardiola, when he brought out Kevin De Bruyne, City’s most foresighted mind, but they realized that the “City” team seemed as if everything was tied and tied well, especially after Mahrez’s goal, when it seemed that the English team was dancing in The Bernabeu.

Some even went a little further, remembering that the only ones to beat the white team by sweeping this season were Barcelona. No matter what happens this season, 0-4 at the Bernabéu will remain in the minds of Blaugrana fans.

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