Benzema’s promise to Real Madrid fans after the defeat against Manchester City

Benzema’s promise to Real Madrid fans after the defeat against Manchester City

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema confirmed after the 4-3 loss to Manchester City that such a defeat is “not good at all”, but he also stated that in the second leg at the Bernabeu, they will do “something magical, winning”.

Benzema spoke after the match, and his statements were as follows:

Bad start to the game

“If you don’t go in with confidence, it will. They play well, with a lot of pressure.”

What did Real Madrid miss against Manchester City?

“There was a little bit of everything that was missing in this match. Ambition, pressure, confidence…because we did it after 25 minutes. You can’t do 90 minutes like that.”

Penalty kick, Panenka style

“It is a matter of trust. I have confidence in myself, I did it like that and it’s okay.”

Gestures for your colleagues

“I try to give my team-mates confidence, because in these kinds of matches, the style and the quality of the players are the same, the mentality is the most important, it’s the most important thing.”

match level

“It was a great semi-final against a great team like City. They started better, but we didn’t give up. Then we got the ball and were able to get back into the game.”

Real Madrid is a great team

“Great teams like Real Madrid have this, and we have to do it. We must not forget that Manchester City is a great team. However, we managed to score three goals tonight.”

Promise to Real Madrid fans

“Defeat is not good at all, we have hope of winning this Champions League. We don’t lower our arms, we fight to the end. We have to win, we need the fans like never before and we are going to do something magical, which is to win.”

Source: Defensa Central


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