Cobra Kai Season 5 Trailer #2 (2022) Sean Kanan, Thomas Ian Griffith, Ralph Macchio (Fan Made)

Cobra Kai Season 5 Trailer #2 (2022) Sean Kanan, Thomas Ian Griffith, Ralph Macchio (Fan Made)

Special thanks to Sean Kanan for the shout out, check him out in Cameo! The previews version started focusing on Daniel and Chozen team up, this time Cobra Kai’s leader Terry Silver.

Right away we see Mike Barnes, and what a better way to make him hear about the Cobra Kai by making him watch it on TV, “Young men and women can be part” I showed young Mike Barnes and foreshadowing him joining. To further the plot I used an interview of the actor saying “I would love to do it” which I did using custom breaking news showing “Cobra Kai goes worldwide”. I also to show Daniel and Mike face to face as former foes.

The biggest question after season 4 was who is Miguel’s father, so following up the previews version, I continued this plot using clips of Miguel on the phone and made him talk to his dad. The lines about “Who are you” and “Your father” was from a short film OUT.

The Cobra Kai dojo scenes are from DRAGON MIKE T.V, I transformed to be a “world wide member” selfie footage. The wordings and title cards are customized I made an attempt to top the previews version. “Come by check in…leave” line is from GOOD MORNING AMERICA short film, I made about Miguel’s talking to his father leaving again.

I made a quick edit of Kreese in j4il using green screen. Cobra Kai is a show about Characters changing, one of them we might see is Tory, so I showed her hinting to join Miyagi Do. Speaking of moving teams, I showed Robbie and his dad, to imply he is coming back to the team, with Johnny smiling. One of the things we like to see is Chozen versus Silver, so I made them face to face.

This is easily better than the previews version thanks to great clips like HE”S ALL THAT, when we get to see Robbie in action! And ofcourse since this is a concept, we get a little surprise in the end.

I did some last minute addition like the billboard and t shirt clips, showing while Terry Silver mentions it.

The buildboard was a green screen effect I added with breaking news showing Cobra Kai getting more famous. And also a clip of bonsai tree, as part of the franchise to put icing on a cake.


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