IRON MAN 4 “The Mandarin vs Tony Stark” Trailer #4 – Robert Downey Jr, Katherine Langford (Fan Made)

IRON MAN 4 “The Mandarin vs Tony Stark” Trailer #4 – Robert Downey Jr, Katherine Langford (Fan Made)

Upon making the 4th installment, I was brainstorming how I can make this better, specially Tony Stark’s resurrection which I have created 3 version already.

Thanks to Agents of Shield, I have gathered the conversation between Nick Fury and Phil Coulson about bringing him back to life was the perfect plan.

I realized, before it was only mentioning Phil Coulson and Nick Fury, having them talk about it is an improvement. “Tony Stark is alive thanks to Nick Fury” line was voice over by your boy! “You may feel some disorientation as your mind catches up to the present” line from AOS when it was said to Coulson is solid to make it about Tony coming back to the world.

The challenge when it comes to making new versions of dream trailers is to make something better, which fortunately I was able to do with this one thanks to the idea of zooming in the custom breaking news I made. For example “Tony Stark is alive” I zoomed in to show the text at the bottom how it happened.

Similarly to the breaking news about the real Mandarin. Another aspect of this trailer made it better is the HUD display of Iron Man, shown in every suit clips. Which I believe what made the first trailer great, and the other 2 lack. This version lean more into serious side of Iron Man story, since it doesn’t have funny moments like the previews.

For the fresh Iron Man suit scenes we get clips from the Avengers gameplay. “This again” “why don’t you just let it go” line from PROOF is actually Gwyneth Paltrow, I made her character Pepper Potts to be against Tony Stark fighting Mandarin. Which was different compare to the previews trailers, specially trailer 3 when it was Pepper motivating Tony to do something.

Last time it was focused on Morgan Stark, Pepper Potts, Spider-Man and The Real Mandarin.

This time its focused on Nick Fury and James “Rhodey” Rhodes. This may not be the best version as a whole, but this one has the best “Tony Stark resurrections” moment and has the best lines that contribute to the plot!


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