VENOM 3 (HD) Trailer – Tom Hardy, Tom Holland, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson (Fan Made)

VENOM 3 (HD) Trailer – Tom Hardy, Tom Holland, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson (Fan Made)

A lot of people already made a Venom 2 concept trailer but I wanted to try it with my own style. This video was originally titled Venom 2, but since the real one is out, I thought Venom 3 would work since Spider-Man vs Venom is something we haven’t seen yet in this franchise.

Part of my new challenge when making trailers is to stay true to the genre and tone of the original movie. So I used original soundtrack from the actual trailer of the previews movie to make it authentic. I wanted to make this as realistic as possible which means using facts from real life and putting it in the trailer.

I had some trouble finding Carnage clips other than a colored corrected Riot. I had only one to work with which is a fan movie. So I new I had to keep it low key and not too much action. Originally I was planning to begin with Spider-Man fighting Venom but I thought this is not what fans wanted to see.

I knew fans wanted to see Carnage first so I made the first act simple, just fresh clips to make it realistic to the audience then I made a story that relates to the character involve in that case Carnage. I made Carnage take Eddie’s girlfriend, which is clips from other movies.

I was thrilled when I found one commercial for Spider-Man Tom Holland. Starting I was expecting to not have some available since I used up all of them from the previews projects, but good thing there was. I also used a clip from a commercial where Peter is getting motivated by his P.E teacher. This is a nod to how in real life Spider-Man crossing over in the Sony movies will be different.

I wanted to leave in a high note so the last clip was showing Venom’s chess with Spider-Man logo in it, this is what fans what to see, which is implying that Spider-Man and Venom combined there powers.


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