Xavi on Real Madrid’s comeback against City: “Barcelona needs years to win this way”

Xavi on Real Madrid’s comeback against City: “Barcelona needs years to win this way”

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez was asked in the press conference prior to the Real Betis match about Real Madrid’s impressive remontada against Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final, and the Catalan coach explained that this kind of feat would be more complicated in the Blaugrana club because of the different style of play.

Xavi , who wanted to give value to the Barcelona model when they also won important titles, said: “It will cost us more, because our style is different. In Anoeta it was hard for us and we won the game, in Villarreal it was a draw and we won in the end. Real Madrid have this thing that, when they slacken in front of them, they make a comeback. That positive dynamic. It’s their DNA. Football has these things, who deserves not always wins.”

“It will take years to win this way, different from our usual way,” he added. What I am clear about is that playing this Barcelona way, five Champions Leagues, many league titles and global recognition have been achieved. They remember Barcelona, ​​Guardiola and Messi. They remember how they played. For me it is crucial. I have no doubts. This is the way. In Barcelona, ​​there is no other model. We are still taking longer than usual and we have to be patient. History tells us we have to compete and make the fans even prouder.”

Xavi also realized that it makes sense for Barcelona fans to go through a complicated season due to the possibility of Real Madrid winning the double and leaving a team with zero titles this season.

Xavi , who wants to beat Betis to secure qualification for the Champions League, said: “It certainly affects a lot of teams. We are enemies and this is a reality. In November they told me that the main objective was to qualify for the Champions League. We are in these circumstances. I came with the hope of winning titles and it didn’t happen. It was possible. By doing a thorough assessment, the team has improved a lot but we couldn’t compete for titles. Barcelona must fight for titles.

Source: Mundo Deportivo


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